My reading list for winter break

The artist's wife reading in bed, Leopold von Kalckreuth, 1885 - 1890

December 26, 2015 | Books and other materials I'm reading over winter break, which is only four weeks long. First, page-turning medical suspense set in Boston in the 1970s, and literary suspense set in the Austrian Alps. And below, more suspense, with the Markey Report and material from those intriguing Markey footnotes.


Highly recommended to students of automotive history, especially those who are interested in technologies with a questionable component, technology that make no sense and that make one ask, "What were they thinking?" and those involving attention, security, privacy, safety risk, and infotainment boondoggles.

Markey Report and Markey footnotes

February 9, 2015 press release: Overview of the Markey Report

Full report Tracking & Hacking

November 13, 2014 press release: Markey statement on automaker privacy pledge

December 2, 2013 earlier press release including letters to automakers

Tesla letter (sample)

Adventures in Automotive Networks and Control Units [Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek]

Smarter cars open new doors to smarter thieves [NPR segment of July 30, 2013]

Black Hat 2014: Hacking the Smart Car [Mark Anderson, IEEE Spectrum]

Researchers Show How a Carís Electronics Can Be Taken Over Remotely [John Markoff, NYT, 2011]

Analyses of Automotive Attack Surfaces [Checkoway et al, USENIX Security Symposium, 2011]

Data-Collecting Machines with an App and a Cheap Plastic Dongle [Alyson Shontell, Business Insider]

Muskís Data Doesnít Back Up Claims of NYT Fakery [Rebecca Greenfield, The Atlantic Wire]

A Most Peculiar Test Drive [Elon Musk, February 2013]

Late on a Car Loan? Meet the Disabler [Jonathan Welsh, The Wall Street Journal]

Safety Benefits, Deployment Challenges [Government Accountability Office]

Consumer Privacy Protection Principles [Auto Alliance and Global Automakers, 2014]

Additional links, not from Tracking & Hacking

DEF CON 23: How to Hack a Tesla Model S [Rogers and Mahaffey, 2015]

GM cars hacked through OnStar [Fox Business, 2015]

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