Earth Day 2015 |    I was working on a paper about environmental noise with two other students and finding so many good quotes and passages. Whenever I read something especially persuasive I wonder, could these be the words that change minds, attitudes? Or can that only come with experience? Is it impossible for some people to understand something that they have never experienced?

"Complaints about noise are not frivolous. Noise disturbs our sleep, prevents people from enjoying their time off work, and too often leads to altercations."

    -  Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg

"I was in Yosemite National Park last fall and along a road where people got out to check out a waterfall, it became a symphony of beeps and honks not unlike my street in Chicago. It is now unavoidable no matter where you go."

    -  Rocco, "Parapundit" forum author

"I can't think of any other environmental hazard that affects so many people and yet it is so ignored."

    -  Rick Neitzel, University of Michigan

"We want our homes to be havens from unwanted noise, and we ask that the soundscape of public spaces be respected. We do not seek to create an absolutely silent world. However, we want to see a world where quiet is a normal and readily available part of life. We would like to see certain times and places set aside as acoustic reserves so that everyone has a chance to experience the healing power of silence."

     -  The Right to Quiet Society

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