When did things get so complicated?

July 1, 2014 | Some automakers have written in response to our letters, telling us that although they provide the technology to honk the horn, horn-based alerts are optional, and it is the owners' choice to use them.
But a lot of owners can't switch to a silent mode even after consulting the manual, dealership, and online help. And recently there seem to be ever more horn-based alerts for all kinds of scenarios.

"How to turn off the horn when locking the VW Jetta"

"Turns out, the entire neighborhood doesn't need to know that Lincoln owners have locked their doors."

"This is a total nightmare - it constantly wakes up my children - can we please turn this off? It's a pointless feature that adds zero value."

"The lights are the real indicator - the honk doesn't help but to annoy my neighbors."

"I absolutely cringe as I plug in my car because I know the horn will sound. It's so rude that sometimes I'll just drive on gasoline the next day to avoid disturbing my neighbors."

"If anyone at GM completely understands this feature, they aren't talking."

"It wakes up the entire neighborhood when I get out of my car late at night to collect my mail."

"Also embarrassing when it honked at the gas station. 'Hey everyone! Look at us in our new Cadillac!!!' "

"I don't want to wake my neighbors when I get home at night, and my goal with buying my second Jeep is to get out of the city where there are no horns honking."

"My next door neighbors would appreciate silent locking when I arrive late at night!"

"I have early and late meetings in residential areas and would like to turn off the horn honk."

"Flashing lights are good enough."

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